Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I want you to know, when you hold my hand, you hold my heart

A month or so ago we couldn't fall asleep, so what did we do? We listed all the phrases we could think of with "heart" in them and replaced the word with "fart."

Here is a smattering of what we came up with:

You're so hard-farted
She wears her fart on her sleeve
Open fart surgery
A member of the lonely farts club
Queen of farts
Let's have a fart to fart chat
This cereal is so fart-smart/fart healthy
Wild Farts Can't Be Broken
Fart attack
Be still my fart
Fart of gold
Eat your fart out
A change of fart
I have to follow my fart
Fart and soul
I had my fart set on going to the circus today
Absence makes the fart grow fonder
Cold hands, warm fart
In my fart of farts
Near to my fart
Fart failure
C'mon, have a fart!
Fart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
The Planeteers: Earth ,Fire, Wind, Water, and Fart
The American Fart Association
Achy Brakey Fart
The faint of fart
Crazy Fart
My fart's all a flutter
Learned it by fart
Cross my fart and hope to die
The way to a man's fart is through his stomach
Bless your fart
A man after my own fart
Bleeding fart liberals
Farts in Atlantis
A fart-felt apology
The Tell-Tale Fart
Faint fart never won fair lady

Yeah, we're real mature.