Friday, November 28, 2008

You know it.

Spirits were high throughout the day yesterday, but once we got home, both Tamsen and I were pretty much exhausted. Too much turkey and pie had finally caught up with us. As I crawled into bed next to her, I said, "Are you ready for some hard-core sleeping action?" Tamsen tried to reply, "You know it!", but got derailed by a yawn and instead said something along the lines of "Hoo note!"

Somehow, it wasn't quite as hard-core as either of us were hoping it might be.

Monday, November 24, 2008


People keep asking us - often - to update this blog. Apparently our sleeping habits are pretty popular across the interwebs. The only thing is, we're not usually funny when we go to sleep. Normally we loaf and lay in bed until we fall asleep, but I decided to dig deep and see if I could come up with anything amusing.

Tamsen tends to sleep warmer than I do, meaning she finds herself uncomfortably hot more often than I do. Our apartment is pretty warm, probably because our radiators are stuck on high or at least on and we don't know how to turn them off. (Fortunately, gas is free!) Occasionally I'll roll over to find Tamsen kicking and scootching (sp?), trying to get comfortable and cool. I'll ask what's up, and she'll reply that she's too warm. One time, I said, trying to be comforting, "Aw, I'm sorry you're so hot." And then, realizing what I said, I repeated, "I mean, sorry you're so hot," doing my best to come up with a sultry voice.

We thought it was funny, at least, but I can see how it might be off-putting to someone else. Like I said, I'm digging deep here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So this morning Sam informed me that I'm a sleep wheezer.

me: What?!
sam: You where wheezing in your sleep again
me: again?
sam: You wheeze sometimes, but all I have to do to get you to stop is roll over you

That confused me, because I'm a fairly light sleeper and I think I would notice if someone were to steamroll me in my sleep. I once woke up because someone was using a tape dispenser outside of my closed bedroom door.

sam:Well, not roll over you, I more roll into you

and he demonstrated by getting back in bed and rolling until he nudged up against me. That or he deliberately shifts around to wake me up. Apparently this makes the wheezing abate.Ten months in he tells me this, that I'm some sort of nighttime asthmatic.

sam: But don't worry about it -I probably make weird noises too
me: I've never heard a peep out of you, but then again I probably can't hear you over my incessant wheezing

You would think that Maranda would have told me I wheeze in my sleep -we did live together for the last couple of years, but then again she's a sleep laugher, so how could she have heard my wheezing if I was awake because of her sleep laughing? Or maybe she was sleep laughing at my sleep wheezing.

me: well which side was I sleeping on?
sam: You were on your back. That probably explains it -you must have been breathing through your mouth

and with that he went off to take his shower while I attempted to recreate my sleeping conditions and see how much I wheezed while pretending to be asleep while on my back. The most I got was a faint nose whistle.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Slight prologue: Tamsen has always slept with a couple of crocheted (?) blankets/shawls that she lovingly refers to as her "Martys". She's always had them, so she's very used to sleeping with them. You know the kind.

So last night, we were lying in bed, and I noticed one of the Martys behind her head with a bit of her hair over it. It almost looked as though the Marty was actually her scalp, and I told her as much. To me, it looked like either a) her head was made of dough, or b) her brains were oozing out. In response, Tamsen made a sort of squishing sound.

I paused for a moment, then asked, "Wait, are you making a brain sound?" She was.

I'm not sure which is stranger - that she chose to make a sound to represent brains, or that I immediately understood that it was a brain sound.