Tuesday, August 3, 2010

plugged up

I snore, so I got Sam some earplugs to wear. He'll put them in at night only to find them out in the morning, but we know they aren't falling out, because they'll be placed neatly, side by side on his nightstand. Apparently he can take them out in his sleep. He doesn't do it as much now that he knows about it, but they still fall out on their own sometimes. This morning I found one of his earplugs in the bed, so I tried to see if I could put it back in his ear without him noticing. As you can imagine, I was not very successful.


Holly K said...

Nothing in particular to say, I just wanted to reward you for blogging by leaving a comment. As you may be aware, my comments are highly valued in the industry.

Congratulations, and keep up the good blogging!

Chris said...

Have you considered the possibility that they are not falling or being taken out but may they are going out. Imagine a whole new world hidden under the shroud of darkness guarded by sugar-plum faeries who prevent the stirrings of any who would ruin the evening of the two lovers and once again separate them for a time.