Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The Preakness Stakes is coming up on Saturday (duh), which means I've got horses on the brain. Tamsen and I were discussing what we might name a thoroughbred if we were to own one and came up with the following ideas:

Pony Brewster
Poni Braxton
Pony Soprano
Pony Shalhoub
Poni Collette
Pony Stark
A Horse is a Horse
A Horse Divided
Speaker of the Horse
The Horse of Representatives
Horsies! Horsies! Horsies!
She's a Brick Horse
Al Capony
Jockey Balboa
Colt From the Blue
Filly-delphia Story
More Than a Filly
Millard Filly-more
Night-mare on Elm Street
Full Horse
Mare the Horse Be With You
Little Horse on the Prairie

Clearly, our horse would be the best horse. Feel free to inform us as to which horse puns we've missed.


Flops said...

Gregory Horse, MD
Fast Cow

Marcene said...

With so many great names you will have to have a whole lot more than one. I do think Millard Filly-more would get my vote if I had to choose.

krebscout said...

Mare Quimby
Horse of Ill Repute
Hoof let the dogs out
Stirrup Trouble
Sylvester Stallion
Gallop of Ice Cream
Mane Attraction
Knock knock hoof's there?

There will most likely be more